Welcome to the Developer Learning Paths WikiaEdit

A project to bring together a bunch of essential resources for developers, and give an overall structured approach for becoming a great developer

Core Skills Edit

Core skills includes key information that every developer should know, regardless of the technologies they work with.

Agile, TDD, BDD, testing, etc

Programming Languages and associated frameworks Edit

Javascript (front and back-end) Edit

Scala Edit

Java Edit

PHP Edit

Ruby Edit

Web Ops Edit

Web ops is about automating as much as possible to make setting up hosting environments, build pipelines, continuous integration systems, etc, quick and easy. There is an excellent external effort to provide a knowledge base on the topic (as per the link) so please contribute there if you can!

Performance Testing Edit

For information on testing the performance of a website using testing tools such as Gatling

Analytics Edit

For information on analytics tools such as google analytics

Latest activityEdit

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